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The Million Dollar Question (aka when am I getting fiber?)


Dear BARC Connects subscribers: 

By far the most frequent question we get these days is "when am I getting fiber?" Everyone is very eager to get fiber-to-the-home, and we are equally as eager to bring it to you. A lot goes into creating an internet service provider from scratch, and building a new, state-of-the-art fiber network. Many BARC Electric and BARC Connects staff members are busy at work planning, preparing and executing to keep our project on schedule. We'd like to take a few moments to share with you our expectations for construction, so that you too have a realistic expectation as to when service will be available at your home. 

We recently awarded the fiber construction contract to S&N Communications, and our management team is negotiating the terms of that agreement now. As that continues, we have been making several bulk material purchases, with more planned early next week. Due to material lead times and the required mobilization time for our contractor, we expect that fiber construction will likely start in the mid-to-late September time frame. 

Once mobilized and material is on-hand, the core fiber ring will be the first order of business, which is necessary for us to deliver consistently reliable service to you. This will take approximately 8 weeks from the start of construction and entail building over 50 miles of new fiber, ending roughly around mid-to-late November. 

Construction crews will then proceed to building the laterals and service drops off the core ring. Depending on the total number of subscribers, this is budgeted to take up to 12 months from the date of completion of the core ring. We will be building the network out in segments around the phase 1 build area. Below is an estimated timeline on when fiber will be available to customers in certain areas (please keep in mind these are only estimates, and may change as time gets closer): 

Kerrs Creek to Bustleburg substation: late November through the end of December 2017 

Downtown Lexington, Rt. 60 East/West, Rt. 11 North: starts late November/early December 2017 

Bustleburg substation to Fairfield substation (includes Raphine): End of November through March 2018 

Fairfield substation to Cornwall substation: First and second quarter 2018 

Cornwall substation to Lexington substation: Second and third quarter 2018 

Lexington city north to Fairfield (Route 11): starts late November/early December 2017 

Lexington city to Effinger area: Third and fourth quarter 2018 

Customers who have signed up prior to construction passing their area will receive a free service drop, which will be installed as the crews pass by. A field representative will work with subscribers on developing the most reasonable and economical fiber path to the home. If your BARC Electric drop is aerial, your fiber drop will be aerial, and vice versa for underground. If you are not a BARC Electric customer, most likely your drop will be underground. The fiber will terminate at a box on the outside of your house, called a "NID." 

Shortly thereafter, when the fiber is lit and ready for service, one of our technicians will schedule the in-home install with you. They will pull the fiber from the NID into your home, and connect it to our wireless gateway that will provide you with free WiFi included with your service. If you signed up for phone or cable TV, our technician will assist with setup of those services as well. It is our intention to make the entire install process as seamless and trouble-free as possible for you. Free service drops are still available - until we reach 1,850 sign-ups or construction passes your area, whichever comes first. 

Customers can sign up for service at, or by calling (800) 846-BARC.