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The inside story of our fiber network


 BARC is now underway on a major project to provide high-speed Internet, TV, and telephone service to all its members. We often discuss what we are doing, but rarely answer why we are doing it. Here is the story. 

 First, we need quality Internet as badly as you do. The local telephone companies have shown a complete disregard for our rural area. As our electric grid gets smarter, we need to communicate with our meters, substations and devices to maximize our service quality. To be a utility of the future, having a communications layer to our electric grid is an absolute necessity. 

 But more importantly, you own us, and thus we constantly strive to improve your quality of life. This is why you created us 80 years ago. We have experienced the same frustrations you've experienced – poor Internet service, gotcha pricing, and frustratingly slow speeds. Moreover, the current providers are far-flung organizations and happy to take our money, but invest none of it in the local infrastructure. 

 So we asked ourselves, who better than us to bring faster, more reliable, and affordable Internet service to our members? And BARC Connects was born – a reliable, local service provider whose sole mission is to improve the quality of life in our rural area and serve your needs. Very soon, BARC Connects will offer fast and highly reliable Internet, telephone and TV service with 24x7 technical support. 

 How is your quality of life improved? Aside from the obvious (better Internet), numerous studies (both in the European Union and in the United States) have shown that investment in high-speed broadband results in the strengthening of the economic fabric of rural communities, and a key enabler of economic growth, to wit: 

 • Existing businesses are more likely to stay and invest. 

 • New businesses will find our community more attractive to move into and/or invest. 

 • Home businesses can thrive. 

 • Traditional businesses (manufacturing, agriculture, construction, retail, etc.) can more easily automate their operations. 

 • Non-traditional businesses (IT, telemedicine, call centers, data centers) will find our community attractive. 

 All of this results in job growth, economic stability, a stronger tax base, increased choices in products/services/job opportunities, and increased home and resale values. 

 We will end with this final thought. By signing up for our Internet, TV or telephone services, you are supporting a company that many of you, as BARC Electric members, have direct ownership in. Please help us spread the word about our services, and together we will improve the quality of life in our community.