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Net Neutrality: Our Position


As you may have heard, the FCC is currently working to undo “Net neutrality.” In fact, the vote to repeal Net neutrality is scheduled for December 14.  We want to take a moment to explain what this means, and to tell you why we are completely against this

What is Net neutrality? To put it simply, it is the freedom to go to any website, or run any app, without Internet service providers slowing your connection down or blocking content. In 2015, after receiving comments from literally millions of Americans, this concept was codified into rules to protect a fair and open Internet. Service providers were prohibited from throttling certain sites to force consumers to other, preferred, sites. Rather, all sites and apps have to be treated equal.  

Should Net neutrality be undone, Internet service providers could, under legal protection, determine what content or applications they will allow and the speed at which those applications can run. They could also start charging their customers more per month for access to certain types of content or applications. Larger and more vertically integrated Internet service providers could establish “fast lanes” favoring their own content and slow down Internet traffic to competitors’ content. 

We want you, our current and future subscribers, to know our stance on this issue. We are 100% in support of Net neutrality and keeping the Internet fair and open. It is you, the customer, that should be in control over how you want to use your Internet connection and the websites you visit. We are not in favor of the FCC modifying the current protections in place for Net neutrality. However, if the FCC does undo Net neutrality, we want to assure our customers that we intend to honor the original intent and framework of how the Internet was designed. We will NOT regulate the content or websites you access over our network. 

If you feel strongly about maintaining a fair and open Internet, this site is full of helpful information and even provides links to contact your lawmakers. Perhaps if millions of Americans speak up again, as in 2015, the FCC will choose not to undo Net neutrality.