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March Construction Update


Dear BARC Connects Subscribers:

Spring is upon us, and high-speed Internet is starting to bloom in the county. This month we have connected our first BARC Connects customers!!!

As crews continue to build service drops, we are currently activating residential customers in the Kerr’s Creek and Bustleburg areas of our northern ring. Our crews will continue to connect subscribers in these areas and into Rockbridge Baths over the next couple of months.

While we are excited to get our first customers onboard, every effort is being made to increase production so we can get fiber service to you! Stay up to date on our progress by visiting BARC Connects News or follow us on Facebook.

Estimated timeline for service availability in 2018:

As a reminder, we moved our southern fiber route, enabling us to add about 200 additional eligible customers to phase 1 of our project! Customers living in the Poplar Hill, Jacob’s Ladder, Zollman’s Pavilion, and Possum Hollow areas can check their eligibility for fiber service by viewing our project map or by entering their address into our customer signup portal . If your address auto-populates in our customer portal it means you’re eligible for fiber service!

By acting now… customers who sign up for service before construction passes their area are eligible to receive a free fiber service drop to their home. The only requirements are that customers commit to a two-year contract and pay a $100 fee towards the in-home installation of their fiber service.

Here is what you need to know about the service drop process:

• Your fiber service drop will follow the path of your electric service as much as possible. If your electric service is aerial, your fiber drop will also be aerial. If your electric service is underground, so will your fiber service.

• For underground service drops, S&N will mark a white line on the ground (the planned service drop path) and leave a door hanger with additional information.

• S&N will call Miss Utility to mark all registered underground facilities, which ensures they do not damage anything when they build the drop.

• If you don’t like the proposed path, or the white line conflicts with any private underground facilities (like propane lines), please call the number on the door tag to let S&N know.

• Crews will then follow up in a matter of days to verify the markings and build the drop. The drop will include installation of a small grey box on the outside of your house, called a “Network Interface Device” or NID for short.

• Shortly after your drop is installed, a representative from BARC Connects will contact you to confirm your services and schedule your in-home installation.

We will continue to send updates on the status of our fiber construction and service availability. Hang in there while we bring the fiber to you. We really appreciate your patience and support.