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Construction Update: Day 30


It has now been about a month since fiber construction commenced, and we thought this was a good time to provide our subscribers with an update on how things are progressing.  

Our contract crews from S&N Communications have been busy building our fiber “core ring,” which will connect up our electric substations into a high-speed backbone. Think of our substation ring as a redundant, ring-shaped backbone network, through which we can route traffic in either direction if there is an outage on the line. The substations are then our jumping off points to build laterals and service drops to connect up subscribers like you, just like they are for electricity. So getting the substations connected with fiber is the first order of business. 

Construction is well underway between Kerrs Creek and our Bustleburg substation, as well as from Bustleburg to our Fairfield substation. Crews will soon be moving towards Cornwall and our Lexington substations, completing what we call our “northern ring.” Crews will also connect our Effinger substation as part of what we call our “southern ring.” Assuming S&N stays on track, we expect them to complete construction on both rings by the end of December. 

Once the backbone is finished, we will then start work on the fiber laterals and service drops, starting back at Kerrs Creek and heading north to Bustleburg along the northern ring route. We will also be building out areas both inside and just outside the city of Lexington around the same time. It is looking like our first non-RANA customers can expect to be connected starting in January, and we are doing everything possible to make that schedule hold. 

This is such an exciting time for BARC! Every week we get more inquiries from customers wanting to know how our work is progressing with the fiber build. Everyone is ready for high speed Internet…and so are we!!! We hear all of you, and we will get fiber to your home as quickly as we possibly can. We want to ensure a quality network build so that our infrastructure can reliably deliver Internet, TV and voice services to you. 

We will continue to send regular updates on the status of our fiber construction. Hang in there while we bring the fiber to you. We really appreciate your patience, and your support. You won’t be disappointed when fiber arrives!