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Can you call the CEO of CenturyLink?


With construction on our fiber project starting next week, this is a quick reminder that free service drops are still available to customers in the eligible phase 1 area.  The free service drop promotion will run until our service drop crews pass your location, or we run out of them, whichever comes first.  Interested customers can sign up for high-speed Internet, unlimited local and long-distance telephone and television service at or by calling (800) 846-2272 and pressing option 2.  

Our service will be unlike anything you've ever experienced, as our beta testers are learning right now.  One of our testers recently commented, "Speed is great.  I downloaded 6.5 gigs in about 7 minutes with two other TVs running Netflix and a video call going on...Very impressive."

Our Internet is lightning fast, reliable, and delivered at the advertised speeds.  Internet service comes with free whole-home Wi-Fi included.  We don't make you rent or purchase your router.  We offer 24x7 technical support from a domestic call center based in North Carolina.  And we have built an enthusiastic and experienced team of locally-sourced employees who pride themselves on being responsive to customer needs and providing individualized service.  Sound familiar?  It should.  We're bringing the same passion we have for providing electric service to broadband.

A final thought, if you're still debating whether to sign up for our service.  We are accessible at all levels of the organization.  Want to talk to Gary Sickler, GM of BARC Connects?  Want to talk to Mike Keyser, our CEO?  Just give us a call or send an email, and they will quickly respond to you.  If you have an issue with your Internet service today, can you call the CEO of CenturyLink?